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April 1, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I have to admit it, I was tempted to pull a prank on you with today being April Fools Day.

Kathy, my wife, would say I'm the only fool in the room so I'll just leave it at that. She loves the saying, "All men are fools and my husband is their King."

I still love her to death as I'm reasonably sure she's teasing me. Hmmmmm...... :-/

opens in a new windowgranite foundation
​​​​​​​What's that photo above? It's a house foundation in Southwest Harbor, Maine on Mt. Desert Island.

Why did I take the photo on Friday morning?

A month ago, I asked if you wanted me to write a book about the BEST products/methods/systems when building a new home or remodeling.

The response was overwhelming. I've started the project.

But it's NOT going to be one book.

It's going to be a series of smaller digestible booklets about a category.

The first one is: House Foundations

The photo above will be in the booklet and it will describe that foundation OPTION.

The first book in the series could be complete in just ten days or less if all goes well. I'm going to offer the first one to you at a steep discount so you can dip your toe in the water.

I'll be VERY INTERESTED in your opinion of the format of the information. My goal is for you to be able to read the entire booklet in twenty minutes or less.

When you responded, you told me to tell you the time, not build the watch. That means most of you just want me to tell you WHAT thing I'd use on my home and what are the BEST alternatives if cost becomes a deciding factor.

In twenty minutes or less, you'll know the pros and cons of each choice and you'll have countless links in the booklet to videos, great additional sources of in-depth information, etc.

I think you're going to be blown away by the booklet. But as Kenny Chesney said in his hit song, "Only time will tell, but it ain't talkin'."

Oxygen Bleach - Miracle Cleaner

I want to WARN you now that on Tuesday the entire newsletter is going to be devoted to oxygen bleach.

Have you ever heard of it? I discovered this magical cleaner back in 1996 or so.

If you're worried about HARSH and TOXIC cleaning chemicals, you're going to love Tuesday's newsletter.

Happy Easter!

I'm dressed in my finest clothes for Easter Mass this morning. I'll have my daughter snap a photo in case you're interested. Wait until you see my electric-blue bow tie!

Stain Solver Easter SALE

The opens in a new windowStain Solver Easter SALE ends in one week.

If you LOVE the larger sizes of Stain Solver - our 9 and 50-pounders - then you MUST REACT NOW and order.

There are LIMITED NUMBERS of each size and we WILL RUN OUT at some point. We can't make more of each size at the drop of a hat. Trust me I wish it were that easy.

Use this promo code NOW to get your 10% off and FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states:


opens in a new windowCLICK HERE to place your order for my Stain Solver. If you've never ordered before, you ENTER the promo code on the last page of the checkout process in the cart.

That's enough for a Sunday morning.

You'll REGRET not ordering a larger size of Stain Solver.

Don't make my say in a few weeks when you see the Out of Stock message, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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