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April 1, 2021 AsktheBuilder Help Request

You may not be aware, but my Ask the Builder franchise started with a humble syndicated newspaper column in October of 1993. I still write it each week, and it runs in over 60 USA newspapers.

My syndicate editor asked me last week to write a column for you and millions of others about what happens when you and your contractor decide to divorce and head into a courtroom to seek justice.

If you're a contractor, your state probably allows you to file a lien on a property in case a homeowner doesn't pay you. I'm not interested in this process, nor is my editor.

I know quite a bit about the legal process as I've done expert witness work in lawsuits between homeowners and contractors for over twenty years. I've never lost a case and my last one had me crawling all over the roof of the Brazilian Ambassador's house on the island of Antigua.

I once had to give a deposition in a massive lawsuit against one of southwestern Ohio's largest builders. There were about twenty attorneys in the room! My testimony was the last nail in the coffin for the wretched builder and he went bankrupt.

I was involved in my own legal situation about thirty years ago when I had to go to arbitration with the absolute worst customer from Hell. Arbitration is all about cutting loaves of bread. You'll read all about this in my new column.

Are You an Attorney? Help!

Here's where you come in. The laws in states all across the USA are different and I'm trying to write a column that pretty much represents the distressing process of what's involved when you decide to hop down the rabbit hole of your state's justice system.

Believe me, it's not all unicorns and rainbows even though you feel you're in the right. The outcome is not always certain.

If you're an attorney or you know one who's interested in completing a short questionnaire, I'd appreciate it! I want to write the most authoritative column I can but need the insight of what happens in your state.

The column will hopefully open your eyes as to what's involved, including the cost, in case you are thinking of getting up on a witness stand.

Remember, I only want ATTORNEYS to complete the questionnaire. CLICK or TAP HERE to access it.


Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com


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