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April 12, 2015 AsktheBuilder Sunday Newsletter

I think she's here - Spring. As I type this the sun is climbing up in a vivid blue sky just before 8 am. The temperature is going to kiss 63 F today, maybe higher.

I've got lots of news for you today. I'll be brief with each item.

Let's get to it because I need to get up and finish my new desk up in my ham shack. Yes, I'm moving my office from my basement up to my ham radio shack above the garage. I built a cool man cave up there about 18 months ago.

Kathy is turning my old office space into a gorgeous conservatory with her hundreds of orchids. Did I tell you she's a professional orchid grower? She'll say she's not, but she's way too humble.

Here's a photo of one. It's only about an 1.5 inch tall and has all sorts of fuzzy hairs on the edges. Kathy sure can get orchids to bloom!


DOOFUS ALERT (Update to the original email regarding the above flower.)

About three hours ago, I sent out this Sunday eBlast.
I had an error in it and I FORGOT to tell you something else!
First, the photo I took was not of an orchid. I ASSUMED it was and Kathy said, "You know what happens when you ASSume? You have to send out a DOOFUS Alert to your subscribers so they don't think I know the difference between different flowers!"
That photo was a gesneriad - relative of the African Violet. It's the Columbia 'Carnival'.
I told Kathy I'd spell it geeznariod and it's the Carnival Cruise Line official flower. She didn't think that was funny.
Also, you may have been one of my subscribers BEGGING me to ask Kathy to share her advice on how to grow and get the orchids to BLOOM and BLOOM and BLOOM.
I'll have that for you on Tuesday.
Tim "DOOFUS" Carter
Founder - Doofus Unlimited
Identify Flowers Right, Don't GUESS!​


Enter Snow Be Gone Contest!

CLICK HERE to enter my 2015 Snow Be Gone Contest. I close entries in just a few days!!!

Milwaukee Meet Up - Last Minute!!!

I'm going to be in Milwaukee this coming Friday - April 17, 2015. That's just five days from now.

I'll be available to do a dinner meet up around 7 p.m.

I'm staying at the Milwaukee Radisson West and I believe there are quite a few places to meet around there.

If you want to hang out and tell tall tales, then REPLY to this email and CHANGE the Subject Line to Milwaukee Meet Up.

Dinner is Dutch treat.

If you have suggestions of where to go where it's somewhat quiet and the place has good food, speak up.

I'll create a list of who's coming and based on your suggestions, I'll pick a place to go.

I'll have a car so if there's a great place somewhere else, speak up. The place needs to be fairly quiet because I have a tough time hearing in loud restaurants.

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Special Spring Columns!

About a month ago, I did a survey asking you what are the top projects you want to tackle this spring.

I wrote them!

Here are the top three in order:

Drain a Soggy Yard or Dry Out a Basement

Fix Crumbling Concrete

Repair Scratches in Hardwood Flooring

That's enough for today.

I'll be back on Tuesday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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