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April 3, 2015 AsktheBuilder Weekend Warrior

I was going to prank you two days ago, but forgot because I was so busy with Kelly working on painting our huge rec room in our basement.

It's probably better I didn't because my prank would have been lame.

Happy Easter in advance to you! It's going to be sunny but cool here in New Hampshire with the forecast high of 40 F.

I purchased my ticket to Antigua yesterday. I'll be there for a week on business and will be taking photos and shooting video for you too.


It's time for this year's Snow Be Gone Contest. My buddy Wayne from the sunny south prodded me to get this going.

CLICK HERE to PLAY this fun quick guessing game.

Wait until you see how much ICE is flowing out of the granite ledge above my house!!!!

Renewing Older Toilets

Has your toilet gotten lazy? Remember when it used to flush well and now it takes two or three flushes to remove waste and paper?

READ THIS PAST COLUMN to see how to make your toilet come back from the dead!


Switches - not Spaghetti, Chili & Cheese

The past few days a flood of folks have asked me questions about how to make 3-way switches work right.

I think you'll enjoy this past video of mine that explains it to you.


They're very simple to wire up.

As for food 3-Ways, well, if I had a nickel for every one I made or ate over the years, I'd be a rich man.

Here's a photo of me at age 19 working the steam table at the Clifton Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, OH.

What do you think of that long hair and wide tie? Those ties were the rage back in 1971.

Check out the man at the counter smoking. That's a NO-NO now in just about every restaurant I know of.

Matthew and the Drywall

Read what happened to me at a big box store a few days ago. This is a REFRESHING STORY that will take you less than a minute to read!


If you own a business here in central New Hampshire, you may want to go head hunting.

That's enough for today.

Happy Easter!

I'll be back at you on Tuesday of next week.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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