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April 5, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

It's a sunny morning here in NH, but COLD! Old Man Winter kicked Lady Spring to the curb for a bit. Yesterday, we had 3 inches of snow and it dropped down to 15 F overnight. BRRRRRRRRRR!

The sun is out now and in a few days I'll see the ground again. Oh, and the other good news is that we must have a mature male bald eagle nesting nearby. Each day I see this handsome majestic bird flying right over the shoreline at the lake as he hunts for his next meal.

I can see why the bald eagle was chosen as our national bird. It's truly stunning to see him in flight with his massive wingspan and gorgeous feathers.

This newsletter has got a TON of new information for you. Wait until you see all the links.

But I have some distressing news too. It happened on Sunday after I sent out the newsletter to you.

You'll see a short story about this below.

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Unbelievable Sliding Doors

Last summer, I had the pleasure of installing two converging doors on a wall in my own basement. That's the type of doors you walk through when you get on and off most modern elevators.

I used the BEST hardware known to woman and man to do it. It's made in Indiana by the great employees at LE Johnson Hardware. I've never been to their factory, but boy would I love to shake the hands of some of the people who work there.

Get the images out of your mind about plain vanilla closet doors that slide. Think about dramatic doors that can showcase a current open arch between two rooms.

Take a look at this photo. Look at the crown molding shelf above the doors! The LE Johnson hardware is hidden behind it. How cool is that???!!!​​​​​​​

LE Johnson Sliding Doors

Years ago in old homes it was very common to have converging pocket doors that allowed you to close off one room from another.

If you have two rooms that are open to each other but separated with a wall with a wide or even narrow opening, you can install in an HOUR the hardware I put up. There's NO NEED to have a pocket!!!!

CLICK the following FIVE links and you'll be STUNNED by what you see. Let your imagination run wild and think about what you could do at your home.

CLICK to See a Secret Room

CLICK to see a Larger Set of Glass Doors

CLICK to see Bath Door Solution

CLICK to see CLEVER Attic Room Door

CLICK to see me Install the Hardware!

New Bath Remodel Videos

Are you doing a bath remodel soon? Well, I'm doing one now at my own home while trying to run my business.

Today after I send this email, I'll complete the hardest task of the entire job - breaking into the concrete slab to move the existing shower drain over about 14 inches.

I have to go VERY SLOWLY because there are plastic radiant heating pipes in the slab. If I puncture one, I'm TOAST.

Wait until you see how I found out WHERE the pipes are in the concrete!!!

Here are three more videos for you. We've taped many more, but they're not yet uploaded to YouTube. I expect to do that today and tomorrow.

You'll see on Friday the video showcasing the magic tool I used to ensure I don't poke a hole in my radiant heating pipes!

Wall Tile Removal - Part One
Wall Tile Removal - Part Two

Remove Shower Faucet Trim CAREFULLY!

AsktheBuilder Hall of Shame

Several hours after sending out the Sunday newsletter about the fun game, Vard emailed me.

Vard, a subscriber for years, blew his head gasket. I can only surmise he was having a bad day, or a string of them. He sent me a very ugly email.

I receive emails and comments similar to Vard's on a regular basis. I know that it's pointless to argue or respond to these folks. They have built their own "reality" with different building blocks than what you or I used as we've continued down life's path.

Vard's email was so passionate it produced one of those "Ah Hah!" moments in my head.

"Hmmmm, perhaps this can be as a powerful teaching tool. If many read this, maybe they'll think about being kinder and more polite."

Please visit this new page I've created and read my setup then read what Vard sent to me.

I'd sincerely appreciate it if you would take the time to leave a comment at the bottom of that page.

Each and every comment WILL BE PUBLISHED. I have to manually approve all comments on my website, so after you click submit, it may take a few hours for me to approve it.

If you feel like Vard does, that's fine. If you feel the opposite of Vard, let me know.

Let's see how the Court of Public Opinion rules in this case.

CLICK HERE to visit the new Hall of Shame.

That's enough for today. I've get to get downstairs to chip away at the concrete!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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