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Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Manufacturers

Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Manufacturers

This whole business of arc fault breakers started back in the early 1990s. Changes in the National Electric Code often happen slowly and methodically. This is not a bad thing. One of the reasons it takes a while to initiate a change is the time it takes manufacturers to ramp up for production. It is unreasonable to expect a manufacturer to develop and produce in mass quantities a high quality product in less than a couple of years. Electrical equipment is even more critical. It needs to undergo extensive testing.

Even though ALL electrical panel and circuit breaker manufacturers have known all about arc fault breakers and the fact that they are a new addition to the National Electric Code, I could only find four companies that currently manufacture them.

Soon ALL electrical panel and breaker companies will have them on their shelves, especially any electrical company who wants to sell product in the state of Vermont. Vermont is requiring these devices to be installed in all new construction six months from now! If you don't see your panel manufacturer below, contact your local electrical supply houses every 30 days to see when the breakers might be available.

But don't give up! Some breakers fit into other brand load centers! For example, I went to the Cutler Hammer website and found out that their AFCI breakers will fit into Westinghouse, Bryant, and Challenger load centers!

  • Eaton Electrical/Cutler Hammer
  • General Electric
  • Siemens
  • Square D

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