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Ask the Builder September 2018 Neat Products

Here are a few neat products I've held in my hands the first few days of September 2018 and feel you should know about:

Werner 24-Foot Aluminum Extension Ladder With Leveling Legs

Extension Ladder

This is a D-rung extension ladder, but it's got these amazing leg extenders that allow you to set the ladder up safely on uneven surfaces. CLICK the photo to see more photos and to BUY the ladder.


This is a nifty aluminum D-rung ladder that's rated for 250-pounds. I was able to easily carry it from up in my cul-de-sac once the delivery truck drove away. The adjustable leg extensions are wonderful and the embedded level allows you to set the ladder up safely! If you want strength and SAFETY, give this ladder a serious look. CLICK HERE to have one delivered to your home or office building.


WEEGO 66 Jumpstarter Power Pack

weego 66

This is the WEEGO power pack. It can power just about anything and jumpstart your car too! CLICK THE IMAGE to have it delivered to your home.

This small battery pack has the ability to deliver 2500 peak amps and 600 cranking amps to your worn-out car or truck battery. It powers up all sorts of other things like your laptop, phone, etc. It's a flashlight too and an emergency beacon. Give this a look-see! CLICK HERE to have one delivered to your home.


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