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AsktheBuilder.com Speech at UC

On Friday, September 30, 2016, I had the honor to address about twenty-five or thirty people in room 201 of Braunstein Hall on the University of Cincinnati (UC) campus.

There was a mix of UC faculty, graduate students, undergrad students and subscribers to my newsletter.

Two of the professors who were at UC when I was a geology major were in attendance at the talk, Dr. Warren Huff and Dr. Attila Kilinc. It was delightful to see these two men bursting with the same energy they had back when I walked the halls of Old Tech between 1972 - 1974.

My sister and her husband also attended. It was great to see them.

I was invited to speak back in the spring of 2016 by Dr. Huff. He thought that the students and faculty would be interested in hearing about how I was able to leverage my geology degree into my non-geology career path.

The knowledge I gained from my four years at UC absolutely helped me be a better builder and it's allowed me to help tens of thousands of people to solve their wet basement, flooding, drainage, settlement, etc. problems.

Here are some photos you might enjoy.

This poster was plastered all over the Geology Building and I suspect other nearby UC buildings. It was pretty cool to see it. Photo by: Tim Carter

Here's Dr. Warren Huff. He was a young professor when I was at UC between 1971 - 1974. Dr. Huff invited me to speak. Thanks for all your great work Dr. Huff!

Here I am with Mark and Roxanne Morand. They're two of my newsletter subscribers who traveled to hear me speak. I'm so grateful to have amazing subscribers like Mark and Roxanne!

This was a funny sign on a lab door in the Geology Building. It's great to see humor like this on the campus. My guess is some who read it are offended and have to run off to a *Safe Space*. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA - the babies..... Photo by: Tim Carter

Read my opens in a new windowSeptember 20, 2016 Newsletter for my intro to this story.


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