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AsktheBuilder Labor Day 2016 News

I'm getting ready to leave for church in about 30 minutes and wanted to give you some great information to SAVE YOU MONEY.

I just finished writing a column that's going to appear in Newsday, the newspaper many on Long Island, NY get. But you get a SNEAK PEEK at it first. Why? Because I own the copyright, not Newsday.

The column dispels the MYTH about SAVING MONEY when you buy replacement windows.

CLICK HERE to read it and then get out your utility bills. If you have something to add, be SURE TO COMMENT at the bottom of the column.

Can't See Photos or Images

You may be one that tells me that something is wrong with my newsletter because you can't see any of my photos or images that are in it. Look to the right of this, you should be able to see a photo of my daughter Meghan and all sorts of other photos / images.

If you can't, the issue is at your end. You need to have images *turned on* in your email or browser software. Just use a search engine to figure out how to do it if you're having trouble.

Wood Rot Video Series

If you need a great product to repair wood rot at your home, you should watch these four videos.

CLICK THESE FOUR LINKS to see the videos:

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

CLICK HERE if you just want the link to buy the AMAZING product I used in the video series.

Time to go!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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