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TotallyHomeImprovement.com selected AsktheBuilder.com the #3 home improvement blog in the world for 2014.

It's a big honor. It's a huge honor if you want to know the truth.

The trouble is the list of blogs is like comparing apples next to zucchini.

Realize the #1 and #2 blogs are run by folks that have no or extremely limited hands-on experience working for real paying customers.

That's a fact for the #1 blog.

As for the #2 blog, you do realize that Bob Vila became a huge full-time TV star by age 28 or so. After getting out of college, he did a two-year stint for the Peace Corps. Do the math.

Once he got back stateside from the Peace Corps gig, he started a tiny remodeling business in Columbus, OH. A few years later, he landed in Beantown (Boston) and came up with an idea for a show for the local PBS TV station.

Then it happened. Overnight Bob became a full-time TV star/host, not a contractor working for paying customers. He became an expert at interviewing contractors that did work for paying customers. I give him all the credit in the world for becoming the face of home improvement on TV. Kudos to that indeed!

And now you have the rest of the story - as Paul Harvey would say.

AsktheBuilder.com - that's me - has content produced by a guy that walked the walk for over 20 years working to satisfy paying customers. That's the real hallmark of a professional.

Thanks Jason Horton, from TotallyHomeImprovement.com, for the #3 spot - I do appreciate it!

You can see the #1 and #2 guys right on top of me.

You can see the #1 and #2 guys right on top of me.


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