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Do you know what RSS is? If so, look above for the chicklet or the RSS logo in the address line of this browser screen. When you click it, you know that you will now get an automatic notice each time I load a fresh column or video to AsktheBuilder.com. Isn't that fantastic?

If RSS is Greek to you, think about how a magazine comes to your house or maybe a daily newspaper. It gets delivered to you.

RSS is software that generates a signal, or feed, each time I publish a new column or load a new video to this website. Software on your computer receives the signal, once you train it (a simple click of the mouse) to tune into my RSS signal or feed. My feed sends out the headline and a brief summary of the column or video. If the topic interests you, then you can click the link in your RSS software, and presto amino, you are delivered to the column or video. Isn't that cool?

Google has a great free RSS reader you can get. Go here: GoogleRSS.

I know the person who started Newsgator, another superb free RSS reader.


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