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AsktheBuilder Website Terms and Conditions

When you submit a question, make a comment, file a complaint, send me a photo, or use AsktheBuilder.com, you agree to the following:

  • If you submit a question, a complaint, story, image, drawing or photograph to me via AsktheBuilder.com, you agree that I can use it on my website or in any other future publication without any compensation from me.
  • You agree to use any and all advice found at AsktheBuilder.com at your own risk. (Click here for an example.)

Okay, that is it. See how simple it is to do business with AsktheBuilder.com?

Tim Carter


Here is but one example of thousands of things that might go wrong after you follow some of my advice:

  • Let's say you try to solder a copper pipe the way I describe (which, by the way, will produce a leak-free joint).
  • One month later, the joint fails because you made a mistake or the materials you used were defective.
  • The running water floods your house, all of your things get ruined, your pets and children float away and can't be found, toxic mold blooms and coats all surfaces in the house, and your house collapses from wood rot.
  • Don't have your lawyer contact me, have him/her contact your insurance company instead.

Okay, that is it. See how simple lawyers make it to do business with AsktheBuilder.com?

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