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Asphalt Repair Video

With the right materials and technique, you can repair your asphalt driveway. You can now purchase new cold patch material. This features polymer technology mixed in with the patch material. If you clean out the hole completely, add the right amount of patch and compact it properly, you will have a permanent repair.

To prepare the hole, use a hammer and chisel to make sure that the bottom of the hole is as wide as the top of the hole. The sides can not be slanted. Remove all loose gravel and debris from the bottom of the hole. Compact the bottom and then pour in the patch compound. Fill the hole a little higher than the surrounding area. Use a hand tamp to compact the material and you are ready to go.

Just follows these steps to make that permanent repair to your asphalt driveway or sidewalk.


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  1. When do you decide that a repair is too big for the do it yourselfer and you require hot asphalt or can this cols stuff be used no matter what. I had a water main repaired below my driveway and I now have a gravel filled hole in a perfect rectangle that measures 2.5 feet by 5 feet. Is this hole too big for cold asphalt repair?

    • It is not too big. You just have to take your time and get the material in the SAME PLANE before you compact it. Use a 3/8
      inch frame around the hole and SCREED off patching material to this height. THEN compact.

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