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Asphalt Shingle Warranty Survey

Please take the following survey below.


29 Responses to Asphalt Shingle Warranty Survey

  1. Your questionnaire about shingles jumps all over the place when an entry is made from my iPad. I almost quit filling it out due to that!

  2. Tim. The questionnaire was interesting. Having lived in your last home city, I can relate to the geo-graphics. Cinci weather can take its toll on roofs. Much depends on the slant of the roof. That point was not brought up. Anyway, enjoy your new place. Enjoy the pics and vids.

    • TNX Greg,

      When you read my Roofing Ripoff book you'll quickly discover that slope has *little* to do with the deterioration. I used to think that before I uncovered what's really going on. When I reveal the chicanery that's going on within the industry, I'm pretty convinced you'll be furious.

    • Sorry Nancy! It's a problem at your end..... Something not right about your browser, tablet, overtaxed RAM memory, etc. I know this because I test the form on my cell phone, my wife's iPad, my own Samsung tablet, my Chromebook and my iMac desktop. No problems as you describe on any of those devices here at the ATB World Headquarters. I'll summon my fellow New Hampshire wizards and we'll cast a protective spell on you and all your devices. Stand by. In the meantime, power your device down completely, let it rest, turn it back on and try again. Let me know what happens. TNX as we say in Morse.

  3. I am building a detached garage in the next 2 weeks. This is way before the book is scheduled to be available. What is the best answer to roofing material, steel is not allowed by our HOA.

  4. Suggestion is to use a service such as "SurveyMonkey". Cheap, works on EVERY platform and YOU won't have to do any of the math at the end as they are VERY thorough with Mean/Mode/SD/etc.

  5. Unlike your beautiful roof, I'm thinking about a plain metal roof but am still going to look at your upcoming book. It's a matter of cost, and ability to walk on the roof (although I'm in my 70's) and snow sliding off the sides. You perhaps used some pictures of my roof in your book. Because I put 2 rows of weather-shield underlay at the bottom edge and 1 along the sides, somehow it's not leaking. It's such a problem, I started to do the warranty stuff on our shingles last spring but what they give you is only a token and more trouble than it's worth.

    • Bryan,

      I decided not to use any photos sent in by others. My attorney suggested against it. So I'm just using photos I took. You should really wait for the book. You may be able to use asphalt along with my discovery and be in good shape the rest of your life.

  6. Hi Tim
    The survey page jumped with me also but I filled out the survey and look forward to a 20% discount email. I too thought a low roof in line would hurt the longevity of my architectural roof that my contractor said should last 40 Yrs.

  7. I'm also having a lot of difficulty taking the survey due to it jumping to the end almost every time I attempt to answer a question. I am using Safari on an iPhone 6s running iOS 10.2. This is my second attempt to take the survey. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow--or maybe not.

  8. TIM,
    We have been a reader of your columns, and E- newsletter since before 1999 when we bought a foreclosure and completed a complete gut and remodel !
    At that time I was An Electrical Contractor 18 + years.
    I ended up being my own General Contractor, as at that time in 1999 -2000, no contractors in our area would return my phone calls.

    I had a bunch of experience with sub's, on a number of my own projects and ended up doing the same on my own future house.
    The end results where very satisfactory for us, however if you have never lived in a structure you usually miss or forget something that you realize after you move in ! The roof issue was one that became, hindsight is usually a 20-20 issue.
    Our 30 year warranty from Certainteed has been a nightmare, not worth even the paper it was printed on !
    We are in process of this year finally being able to financially put on a new roof.!
    It is going to be Steel Standing Rib, as for the State of Iowa, this will be our solution for as long as we will be alive.
    I have learned way to much information about roofing in the last 4 to 6 years than I have ever wanted too !
    I really enjoy your articles and forums each week - month !


  9. I answered your Asphalt Shingle query but I must add I had my roof professionally cleaned twice a year for 20 years and the roof lasted that long. I believe it truly helped the life of my roof as neighbors were replacing their roof years before I had. They did not have their roofs cleaned and they were all black.

  10. We just moved into a home built in 1993 in Utah. There are three layers of asphalt shingles on the roof now. At least sixty percent of the granules are worn off. There's maybe five years left before a complete tear off is required. What does that tell you about the life of an asphalt shingle?

  11. Hi Tim, A Question For your book, "How many people replace their Roof with out the help of Insurance? AKA Was storm Damage from Hail, Rain, Wind or Ice Dams the cause for replacing shingles?

    If you've had Insurance help pay for damage, has anyone ever tried to file a warranty claim against the manufacturer to recover the deductible?

    For myself, I didn't feel it was worth the hassle of pursuing.

  12. Tim: Your survey was LESS involved than I had anticipated. Sure DO LIKE your re-do on the older columns and the listings. Keep it up!

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