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ATB Change

Thanks for clicking on my Newsletter link. Below is the coupon code to receive your 15% discount at my Ask the Builder store.

This discount is good on any and all products in the store. The catch is you can only use it on one order and it expires April 1, 2011.

The coupon code will give you 15% each item on the order. So you can order as many items as you want and receive the discount off all of them.

During checkout, just enter the coupon code: ATBChange15

Click to go to the Ask the Builder store.

One other tip, if an account is set up in the store and you receive an email with your password, don't copy and paste it in the store log in. For some reason, the copy and pasting adds a space at the end of the password. This stops it from working. Type in the password and things will work just fine.



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