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Attach Wood Cabinets to Concrete Wall

Quick Column Summary:

  • Screwing cabinets to concrete wall
  • Attach wood 2x4s to concrete
  • Attach cabinets to 2x4s
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James Toth, who has his hammer out in Bridgeport, CT, is itching to install wood cabinets on a poured concrete wall.

Here's what he wrote after watching the video below. Be sure to read MY REPLY below the video:

"I have some cabinets to hang on a concrete wall in my basement. They do not have brackets, they will be screwed to wall. Do I use the method you use to attach wood to concrete?"

James, I would NEVER nail cabinets to the concrete. I'd attach treated 2x4's to the concrete wall and then screw the cabinets to the 2x material.

Make sure you have the 2x4's exactly at the top and the bottom of the cabinets and place screws through the bottom and top rails of the cabinets.



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