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Attic Ladders – Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Attic Access Stairways/Ladders

Are you disappointed with your current folding attic ladder? I don't blame you. Many of them are dangerous and poorly constructed. The fact is that many of the folding ladders have a useful life of 15 years or less! Many of the manufacturers will make this claim. In fact, they make this claim in court documents quite often. If you want a long lasting attic access stairway or folding ladder, you will have to do some research.

Check out the web sites of the following manufacturers. Here is what to look for in the literature:

Compare the actual thickness and width of the treads and the stringers (sides of ladder). Check the weight bearing capacity of the system you are interested in. Be sure you remember to add your body weight or that of the heaviest person in your family to what you intend to carry up the ladder! Check the rough-in width. Make sure it will fit in between your trusses or existing opening. Pay attention to insulation features. Is the stairway cover insulated? Is there a way to do it? Look at price. The saying "You get what you pay for" is true! Beware of low pricing.......

  • American Stairways Inc.

  • Bessler Stairway Co.
    Bessler is a division of American Stairways Inc. Bessler is the manufacturer of the true one-piece attic stairway. They make models for both new construction and ones that replace existing rickety folding stairs. I have used these products and feel they are worth the extra money. Very sturdy!
  • Louisville Ladder
  • Marwin, Inc.
  • Memphis Folding Stairs
  • Rintal, Inc.
  • Stira
  • Werner Ladder

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