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August 10, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Howdy stranger. Are you new around these parts? Welcome! Don't pay any attention to the locals who might tell tall tales about me and some of my exploits outside of the realm of home improvement. 😉

Two days ago, I received the most unusual phone call from Bridgett. She's an interior designer from southern California. She was in the center of a giant swirling vortex of mayhem in Houston, Texas.

Even though she's not a builder, she volunteered to take on a remodeling and reconstruction project for some big design magazine that's published on the Left Coast. The topic of the article in the magazine was rebuilding a home after Hurricane Harvey.

Her deadline was just weeks away and the project was far behind schedule. She was asking me to drop what I was doing and come down to work for free to help her out.

I'm serious, that was her request. She did say she'd fly me there and pay for housing and grub.

Early in the conversation, she mentioned the biggest problem is how the entire labor force down there has been sucked into the vortex.

"All the great contractors who are honest and know what they're doing have a two-year backlog of work," she bemoaned. "Everyone that shows up to work I have to fire within hours because they're losers," she went on to complain.

How she thought I'd be able to conjure up great subs who have NO LOYALTY TO ME is beyond comprehension.

What's the message here for you? I've shared this with you at least two other times in the past right here in the newsletter.

If a natural disaster strikes you and your family, you're going to be on your own unless you've built up a very special relationship with a general contractor. You might be lucky and be on her/his short list of preferred customers.

If you don't have a relationship, you're doomed.

You need to discover NOW, on your own, how to at least make your home livable for such time as the great contractors in your town or city get caught up. You might even stockpile emergency materials to help make the most critical repairs. That's the tough love truth.

As you might imagine, I declined Bridgett's proposal. I actually think she thought I'd come down with all my tools and do the work myself.

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Massive Quantities of Revised Columns

Get ready to fill your brains with lots of amazing candy that's going to save you lots of sweet moola and time.

I URGE you to at least open one or two of these because they all contain other amazing photos than what you see below. You'll also discover some fantastic VIDEOS.

You may not have the time right now to consume the content, but what you see may IMPRINT on your brain so you remember I have the solution to your problem when it does happen.

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infrared concrete photo

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blacktop crack repair

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Ice and Water Shield

Solar-Powered Attic Fans - BWAHAHAHAHA

What a JOKE!!!!
Solar Powered Attic Fan

That's enough for a Friday.

Today is glorious weather up here in central NH. I'll be doing yard work.

This weekend, I'll be working in my garage again purging CRAP.

You might consider doing the same. It's a great feeling, believe me.

Tim Carter

Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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