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August 28, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

My shed project is coming along. It's going a little slower than I'd like, but that's because my helpers are no longer here.

Robert Moore was here early in the project for nine days. He and I transformed the site in that short time from eight holes in the ground to a structure with all the rafters in place.

My son Tristan helped before he headed back to school. If I was fortunate enough to have a helper every day for the past two weeks, I'd be painting the siding right now!

The roof was completed last week and looks superb. I used opens in a new windowGAF Timberline HD shingles that match those on my house. They were easy to install, and are going to keep the shed dry probably until the year 2050. Asphalt shingles last much longer on steep roofs than they do on low-pitched roofs.

This past weekend, I installed the two magnificent opens in a new windowSimonton ProFinish windows. One of the many things I love about these windows is they carry the AAMA seal. This means the windows are among the best ones made on the planet. I've written extensively in the past about the importance of having windows and doors that have the AAMA gold label.

I've lost count of how many videos I've taped, but it's going to be way past 100. Here's one I taped this past Saturday after I was completing the window installation. Many of the videos in the series contain one or more Secret Ninja AsktheBuilder tips like the one you're about to discover.

Click the video image below to discover a very important window installation tip.

opens in a new windowDIY Shed Window Installation

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've already purchased my DIY Shed Video series - either in the past month or when the project was announced on Kickstarter, do NOT read the following. You've already paid for the videos. Go down to the next part of the newsletter.

Do you want to know all sorts of building secrets? Ones that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars? Tips that can prevent costly repairs down the road? This is exactly why I'm building this shed! I wanted to document many of these tips in a real building situation.

You can have lifetime access to the videos now for just $69. That's less than one dollar per video!!! Hundreds of newsletter subscribers have purchased the video series at this price over the past three weeks.

But as I've said for over a month, the price is going up for the entire series as I get closer to the end of the project. Why? Because each day I tape more videos with more tips. The video series gets more valuable each day. It's not rocket science.

At midnight ET on September 2, 2012, the price for the entire series, purchased at one time, goes up to $89.

opens in a new windowClick here now to purchase many AsktheBuilder.com Ninja Building Secrets for just $69!


Paid Tool Reviews

Last week, I had an email exchange with an employee from a major tool company. I had requested a few tools to review for you.

I was stunned when I got an email today from this person asking me if the review I was doing was a regular public relations review or a PAID review. Paid review? You mean there are other home improvement websites or magazines charging tool companies to write reviews?

Did you know that? I sure didn't. Can you tell me if you've read other tool reviews at other websites and seen small print at the bottom of the review saying the author was PAID to do it? I'd love to see that. I'd love to know who's doing this.

Getting paid for the review seems very unethical to me. It seems it would absolutely skew the review as the reviewer would be obligated to give a favorable review.

What other online reviews are like this? Holy molly, who can you trust anymore?


Ryobi ProTip Paint Sprayer Review

opens in a new windowRyobi ProTip Paint Sprayer

I can tell you for a fact I didn't get paid to review this Ryobi tool. I don't get paid for ANY product reviews I do.

I used this tool to paint some of the soffit boards on my shed. Go opens in a new windowread my review now to see how it did!


Turning a Door Around

Russell Young from Maui, Hawaii emailed me with this question:

"We wanted out-swing double doors so we could have more interior grow space in our 12 x 16 greenhouse. Alas, our builder installed in-swing double doors and will not change it. My question is, can I turn the doors around?"

Russell also said he was a little handy which is why he didn't offer to fund a road trip for me to come to our 50th state and do this with him. But I digress. Heavy Sigh!

My reply to Russell suggested he could take out the doors and turn them around, but he'd have major leak issues when it rains.

I said this assuming the french door unit was made as a traditional in-swing door that was designed to shed water towards the exterior. Realize that doors and windows have sloped sills and the entire door system is made to shed water one direction ONLY.

You can purchase exterior doors that are outswing. They're made to shed water the right way.


Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer

opens in a new windowPaslode cordless roofing nailer

Building the shed is giving me an opportunity to test out lots of great tools. I just finished my tryst with the Paslode Cordless Roofing Nailer. Read all about the steamy details. It was hot and humid while installing the roof.

opens in a new windowCLICK HERE to read the Paslode Review


Exciting Stain Solver News

I've been waiting for over a month to share this. It's going to dramatically change the Stain Solver business. CLICK IMAGE to discover more about Stain Solver

opens in a new windowStain Solver bottle

Are you part of a mommy buying co-op like Carolyn? Carolyn and a bunch of her young mom friends are buying multiple bottles of Stain Solver to make cleaning easier in their homes.

Do you give useful gifts away to your customers like Jack Cherco, a Chicago remodeling contractor who's going to give Stain Solver to his clients?

Do you want to give small containers of Stain Solver away to friends and family as gifts?

Do you own or work in a small business like one of these:

  • Wine Shop
  • Dress Shop
  • Furniture Store
  • Carpet Store
  • Tile Store
  • Hardware Store
  • Pet Shop
  • Motel
  • Health Food Store
  • Natural Products Store
  • etc.

That's just a partial list of stores that should sell Stain Solver to their customers. Can you imagine the store clerk at a dress shop handing you a bottle of Stain Solver to you saying, "Here, take this as a gift from us. If you happen to spill anything on your new valuable dress, Stain Solver will safely remove the stain." Carpet salesmen, furniture salesmen, etc. can do the same thing when someone places an order for a large purchase.

I'm pleased to announce the 2.2-pound and 4.5-pound sizes of Stain Solver are now available in multi-packs.

It gets better - much better. They're DEEPLY DISCOUNTED so you can RESELL them if you own a business. Some business owners will give away Stain Solver. Others may just want to sell it for a profit. Either way is just fine. Whatever works best for you.

Sarah at the Cornacopia Bakery and Health Food Store in Bristol, NH is starting to stock Stain Solver. So are Julie and Gary Piehn at Gilcrest Cottages in Thornton , NH. Julie is going to sell Stain Solver to the people who stay at her cottages.

Craig Smith, a co-owner of Twins Ace Hardware in Fairfax, VA just placed his *second* order for twenty-four 2.2-pound bottles of Stain Solver.

Kathy and I have been waiting for this day for years. We've wanted to expand the Stain Solver business and make it available for you locally.

But we need your help. If you're a small business, order some to sell or give away to large customers.

If you don't own a small business but patronize them, suggest to the owner that she/he should be stocking it. That way you'll come in and buy it from them.

Now here's the problem. You knew this was coming didn't you?

Since we didn't know WHICH multi-pack would be the most popular, we only manufactured a certain amount of each size.

I already know we're going to sell out in HOURS in this Ultra-Soft Launch of these three new SKUs. This happens to businesses all the time.

When Apple launched the iPhone years ago, each store only had so many phones. I'm sure you understand I can't afford to make thousands of each SKU and have them sit in a warehouse *hoping* they sell.

This is why I need your help and your patience.

If you want one of the new multi-packs and you go to the store and see the message Out of Stock - Please ORDER it. You'll then be first in line to get yours once we fill all the back orders.

Don't leave the cart saying, "Well darn it. I'll just order when Tim get's more."

Order it *now* so we make enough to satisfy the demand. If you order now, I anticipate you'll have the product in your hands in five weeks or less.

I'm not going to run away with your money. As soon as we get a feel over the next few days how many of each size are selling, we'll get the machines mixing and packaging!

I hid these new SKUs in the AsktheBuilder.com shopping cart for this soft launch.

Don't go to StainSolver.com looking for them. You'll NOT see them there.

Go here:

opens in a new window6 pack of the 2.2 Stain Solver

opens in a new window12 pack of the 2.2 Stain Solver

opens in a new window6 pack of the 4.5 Stain Solver

Thanks so much!


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