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August 30, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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Existing cowhand? Yes, beans and jerky are for dinner again. Do you want a piece of cheese with your whine? Grab a juice box and fruit roll-up as you pass the back of the wagon. 😉

Hurricane Dorian - More of the Same

Hurricane Dorian is posed to rake the state of Florida with fierce wind and rain. It's going to be epic.

After ravaging Florida, it could go into the Gulf of Mexico, re-strengthen and hit land again along the Gulf Coast.

Here's what we know FOR A FACT: Dorian will then ride up the East Coast across 1/4th of the USA and dump billions, possibly trillions of gallons of water onto the land.

Do you live where it floods? Does your basement leak water when it rains? Do you have any issues with leaks when you get storms?

NOW IS THE TIME - I mean TOMORROW - to get any valuable and one-of-a-kind items out of harms way. Use critical thinking skills to determine WHERE to store them.

If your home is in the path of Dorian, realize that your first responders will probably not be there to help you. They have other community assets they have to protect and restore that are MORE VALUABLE than your home.

There could be 10,000 houses damaged and needing help, but only 100 fire trucks in a 40-mile radius. Get it? You will be ON YOUR OWN. GET PREPARED NOW to do emergency repairs.

Donna's Strange Sewer Gas

I told you last issue that I'd share Donna's issue. She's got a perplexing sewer gas issue in her home. It only happens, so she told me, when her AC or furnace operates.

I told her that the odor could be mold spores that are being ejected as the fan motor disturbs mold inside the A-coil or in the pan that catches the dripping water that condenses on the A-coil on top of her furnace.

It could also be mold growing inside the condensate drain line. Mold can also be inside her extended plenum.

When you smell sewer gas, start keeping a detailed journal of when you smell it, where it smells the worst, what's happening, are windows open or closed, etc. These details help me solve the problem.

Google Fi

I'm not a cell phone expert. But I can offer to tell you HOW to save some money. A month ago I switched from T-Mobile cell service to Google Fi.

It appears I've cut my cell phone bill by 50%. Google Fi uses, when it can, local WiFi to make phone calls using VOIP. It also has some arrangement with many/all of the major cell carriers so when I'm away from WiFi my phone switches automagically to the best cell service my phone can reach.

So far, I'm pretty darned happy. I have a PROMO CODE you can use to get a discount if you're thinking of switching away from your provider. Here it is:


CLICK or TAP HERE to go discover more about Google Fi. You may end up loving it. Please use my promo code and we both might benefit. Let me know if you switch and what you think of the service.

Call for HELP!

Two days ago I received a distressing email from a customer. He was complaining about how my Stain Solver didn't work for him. He was trying to clean a BBQ.

I happen to know for a fact that Stain Solver is a fantastic de-greaser. CLICK or TAP HERE to look at the unbelievable before and after photos.

Here's the issue. This man decided that Stain Solver sucked. He never thought for a minute that the issue could be him not using it correctly.

All I want to share is that if you EVER HAVE AN ISSUE with ANY PRODUCT, STOP using it and call the manufacturer. Find out if you're doing something wrong. Don't allow your ego to get in the way.

Research Help

I've just started an interesting new book project. I can't share the topic publicly at this time.

You may be a person that loves to do some research and find things. If so, I'd love to see if you're interested in pitching in trying to find some things that are out in the literature.

There's no real budget for this as this project is probably going to cost me money, not make it. You would be prominently mentioned in the credits, though.

If this is of interest to you, let me know and I'll share details of what's going on. I will expect you to keep the subject of what I'm doing confidential.

Stain Solver SALE ENDS in 72 Hours

This is a courtesy reminder that the Stain Solver SALE ends in 72 hours. I will be sending out a LAST CALL on Sunday night.
CLICK or TAP HERE to order your Stain Solver. It will be shipped on Tuesday.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Stain Solver SALE MAN - www.StainSolver.com
Cool Waves Man - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. I went back up to Cannon Mountain yesterday. You can look at some some darned good photos as well as a tale that may make you smile. CLICK or TAP HERE to get to the goodness.


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