Mold Problems in Basement

Jason Paragon, lives in a house in Columbus, OH that appears to have a concrete block foundation. He's also got some mold inside. Here's Jason's story and he's sticking to it: "I have a serious mold and water problem in my basement.  I had an EverDry contractor come in and do a free quote of $20K […]

FilterScan Video

FilterScan Video Transcript Hi, I'm Tim Carter from You know what this is, don't you? This is a common air filter that goes in either your furnace or your air conditioning system. And you know what the trouble is all too often you may be one person that doesn't change them frequently enough or […]

Foundation Joint Seal

Craig Stockman is a little late to the party with his question. He lives in Billings, MT and should have come to me about two weeks before the foundation contractor showed up at his house. Read what Craig wrote: "I had a foundation poured for an addition to our house. What I was wondering was […]

Gutter Guard Reviews

Kathleen has a bunch of clogged gutters at her Port Townsend, WA home. Let her tell you about her dilemma. "I am shopping for gutter screens to keep debris out of the gutters. What do you think of Gutter helmet? What suggestions do you have? We Have built a new house and the gutters are filled […]

Should You Seal Grout

Kathleen, who loves to have clean grout in Peoria, AZ, asked a common question about sealing grout. "Thanks for the info on cleaning the grout. After it is clean can I paint some protector sealer on the grout? A tile man did once when I was in my other house and it kept my kitchen safe […]