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Avoiding Building Costs Surprise


One way to sour a construction project is a surprise or hidden cost. You can take the sting out of surprises several ways. One thing you should do is create a contingency fund for this purpose. Don't tell anyone about this hidden money. It exists only for emergencies.

Another method of avoiding surprises is developing a highly detailed list of job costs. If you are building a new home, you or your builder knows many things must happen. If you list each task and then place a realistic number behind each job, you will virtually eliminate a surprise or cost overrun.

My New Home Construction Checklist is an excellent example of such a list. I have broken down the construction of a new home into a 150+ item list. You can really get a grasp of what is necessary to build a home using this list! This Checklist is available electronically from my website. Just go there and visit the Online Store.


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