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Here's the certificate that proves that Stain Solver oxygen bleach is certified organic:

certified organiic stain solver certificate


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  1. Tim could you please explain to me why "organic" is important. I must admit to a skepticism when it comes to organic products. I believe the majority are just an excuse to charge more for the same product. From a point of information I come from a farming background and have a daughter in the in the fresh vegetable business that does produce vegetables in a totally organic environment(In a greenhouse, climate controlled).
    Thanks for your reply. By the way I previously questioned why you couldn't ship to Canada so I solved the problem by bringing some back from the USA.

    • Gerry,

      I agree with your sentiment. The term "organic" is overused.

      But CERTIFIED Organic is different. Stain Solver has but two ingredients. The soda ash, by its very nature, is organic because it comes directly from Mother Earth. It's a natural mineral.

      The active ingredient in Stain Solver has been certified by an independent organization for its purity. The raw materials that are used to make it are FDA food-grade quality.

      If you purchase some other brand of oxygen bleach, you could be getting suspect chemicals from some off-shore country that has a reputation of producing TOXIC products sent to America.

      It's all a matter of what you want to surround yourself with. If you use Stain Solver, you never worry. If you use a NON-certified product, then maybe one day you wake up with a tail growing out of your body.

  2. Bleach for stains is one thing, but I need to clean our new deck after a year or two.

    So what about cleaners?


    • I know that I tested it and it didn't work. It's no wonder. Here's what you need to know about cleaning anything.

      When you showered today, did you just let the water from the showerhead spray on you and then you get out of the shower? No.

      You RUBBED your skin with your hand, a brush or washcloth that had soap on it. You agitated the dirt and oil from your skin.

      When you wash clothes, you just dump them in a clean tub, fill with water and soap and let them sit there? No.

      The washing machine tumbles the clothes in the soapy water. The mechanical agitation of the clothes HITTING one another or rubbing against one another cleans them.

      So how anyone could think that Wet n Forget would work is beyond me.

  3. Tim, I'm a science teacher. "Organic" chemicals and "organic" produce are different uses of the term. Inrganic chemicals mean that they don't contain biologically-associated chemicals (although there is no definition universally recognized.) Organic foods generally mean that they were produced without artificial fertilizers/pesticides/etc.
    The certificate posted simply says that the product CAN be used in organic applications. It does not mean that the chemical is. In the case of cleaners, organic or not doesn't matter. I find your use of the term to be misleading, especially since you are deliberately steering people towards that product - and in other sentence you mention that it is your product. Your product may indeed be superior, but making claims like this doesn't help us trust you.

    • Thanks Bonnie. Stain Solver meets the organic qualification that's all part of the "organic" movement.

      It may not be the definition you chemists use for your inorganic and organic chemistry, but it passes the smell test for consumers.

      I suggest you read all about the process of making that determination at the OMRI website.


      What's more the soda ash used in Stain Solver to increase the alkalinity so it works better is also OMRI listed. That's why I can clearly say Stain Solver is Certified Organic. Both my ingredients pass the smell test.


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