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Basement Concrete Slab Removal Tips Video

Tim Carter explains several tips to help when removing concrete around a basement shower drain.


5 Responses to Basement Concrete Slab Removal Tips Video

  1. I am a novice, but could you have poured scalding hot water down the drain, and then use the thermal image camera to see where that water is headed?

    • Mark,

      It may work if you put hundreds of gallons of water down the drain. The pipe and trap are below the underside of the 2-inch closed-cell insulation. It would take quite a while for that heat to get through the insulation and start to heat the slab.

    • Doubtful. The concrete mass would take a while to heat up. You'd have to put lots of hot water down and keep doing it for a while. It's all about how long it takes the heat transfer to happen.

  2. How about measuring the surface temperature with a temperature gun after my dishwasher or hot water laundry wash goes through? It takes that dishwasher 2 hours sometimes to run a cycle.

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