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Basement OSB Subfloor Video

A typical basement floor is just concrete, which is a tough surface to work with. Need a wood subfloor to make that basement remodeling project easier? Install these OSB squares designed for installing over concrete. They have a special plastic mat backing to help drain water. The squares interlock with a tongue and groove for easy installation.

Most basement floors are not level. No problem with this product. There are special leveling shims that snap right onto the backing. Add as many spacers as required to level the floor.

This provides a great subfloor to help your basement remodeling. Cover it with carpeting, tiles or any other finished floor surface.


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  1. We are having a home built in Castle Rock, Co. and we just learned we will have to put in a raised floor in the basement (apparently the building does not do it). I had never heard of this before as I live in Florida. I believe the excavated part of the basement is around 1400 sq. ft. What are the appropriate products to be used and what should be my cost for a diy or to have a professional do the floor for me? Thank you

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