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Basic New Home Quality Control Checklist

The following checklist is a FREE sample of some very important things you need to make sure happen as you build your new home or room addition.

There are MANY OTHER THINGS that are important and they're included in a comprehensive checklist I created years ago.

Don't count on the building code to protect you. It's a set of MINIMUM STANDARDS.

You can build a house that's far better than the building code and it often doesn't cost too much more.

If you use the free basic checklist below and click "I don't know ..." many times, USE the search engine here on my website and read my past columns and watch my videos about that exact topic.

Basic FREE Checklist

The following is a very basic checklist that will allow you to make sure some of the most important things on your project are done right.

If you desire to have a comprehensive checklist that's an INSTANT DOWNLOAD product, you might want to look at it.

CLICK HERE to look at the comprehensive checklist.


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