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Bath Remodel AsktheBuilder Kohler Shower Valve Trim Removal Video

Tim Carter demonstrates how to remove the trim from a Kohler shower valve.


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  1. Removing the Kohler Faucet trim: For that and many other elements in the home we sold, I left the buyer at settlement with a flash drive with previously downloaded instruction and maintenance files from major manufacturers such as Kohler for those specific items (such as furnace HWH, major appliances, and their maintenance schedules). Also a twelve page single spaced description of the house from "top to bottom" with "go to" references and personal experience on maintenance of house mechanical and furnishings. As soon as we moved into our new home, I downloaded all the instruction and maintenance manuals for as many elements as such files were available. Also, have begun anew a file of maintenance instructions. This is all on a new flash drive. Two purposes: In case something happens to me so that my wife and others can continue maintenance. And also for the future buyer of our present home. Flash drives can hold all you need to know in the palm of your hand.

  2. ^^^Excellent idea above^^^

    I like Tim's idea about storing product/fixture instructions in the vanity cabinet as well.

    I want to suggest that when someone is disconnecting hardware like the shower faucet plates, they store all the screws and other hardware in a zip-lock bag. Otherwise, if there's a lot of debris on the floor, some of the smaller stuff like screws could get lost or fall down into a drain.

    I like that ratcheting screwdriver you used to remove the cover plate.

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