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Bath Remodel Before Video

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Hi, I'm Tim Carter founder of AsktheBuilder.com. I'm here in my basement bathroom at my own home and we're going to be remodeling it. And the reason why is the original architect and the homeowner they just made some really critical mistakes in my opinion and I'm gonna do my best to correct them.

So I want to take you on a little tour right now of the bathroom and to show you the before and then you'll really appreciate what it's going to look like when we're finished. Look at this. Right here behind me, this is a massive custom-built shower and it's all tile. It's tile floor, walls, even a seat, and even had a tile ceiling as well. So it's all going to come out.

Believe it or not, this entire shower is coming out and the biggest reason is because right here where I'm standing, in my opinion, they made a big mistake. Once you see this whole bathroom that's a pretty big one there's no storage anywhere. And right where I'm standing, could have been a beautiful closet to store many things. Not only things for the bathroom, but also other things for the house.

Follow me. Okay I'm outside the shower now and this is actually the sidewall of the shower and I think this is where the biggest mistake was made. Instead of going around the corner to get into the shower, they could have made the entrance to the shower here. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

You’re going to see it nice 32-inch deep by 60-inch wide shower is going to be put in this place here. It will be very nice and it's one from Sterling, you know it's a Kohler company, you know we're putting in a beautiful prefabricated that acrylic shower here. It's gonna be awesome.

Okay so look at this. Here's the toilet the existing toilet that's coming out. We're going to put one just like it in its place in the toilet and it's not going to change the location because
we're dealing with a concrete slab over here that's got radiant heat in it so it's a nightmare to try to relocate plumbing in a situation like this.

I've already got a little problem here. I do have to chisel out some of the concrete to relocate the drain for the shower. You'll see exactly how we're going to do that.

Let's look at the sink. Here here's the original pedestal sink and I think it's a mistake, in my opinion, to put these in a bathroom. I think they're OK for a powder room, maybe where guests come in, but in a working bathroom, you need some flat counter space. You know for combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair, you know just need some flat area for things.

Well, guess what? These things don't have it. This is coming out. We're putting in a 36-inch vanity, a beautiful precast China top from Kohler. It's going to be awesome. So you'll see that and that's probably one of the last things we do.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the floor. Look at it. So we're keeping the floor. It's not bad. We're going to have to clean the grout. I'm going to show you that. But this is a really big bathroom these were one foot by one-foot tiles and you can see over here let's count, that's a half a tile. Here's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

The bathroom is seven feet this dimension before we get to the shower wall and then it's about nine feet deep this way. It's a huge bathroom, in my opinion, they could have tightened up a little bit and had some extra space for the closet that's over there way on the other side those other walls in the shower. But I'm not going to change that.

No big deal, but just remember when you're planning on your home or bathroom, uh make the best use of space. I also want to talk just a little bit more about the fixtures. I'm going to be using all Kohler fixtures in this bathroom. I used them as a plumber for all the years that I was building and remodeling. I have in my own home.

I've never had problems with Kohler stuff. so I think that I really really enjoy watching how we install the Kohler and the Sterling products in this bathroom job.

All right I'm Tim Carter for AsktheBuilder.com. I think they're really gonna like the series we're going to tape every single step so that you can remodel your own bathroom. If you want to. If you want to discover more home improvement tips, go to AsktheBuilder.com.

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