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Bathroom Exhaust Fans Video

The normal bathroom exhaust fan is extremely loud and not very powerful. But, there is a new bathroom fan that will get all the moisture out of the bathroom and is whisper quiet!

These new bathroom exhaust fans work like a central vacuum system. The motor is mounted up in the attic above or slight away from the bathroom. The fan motor connects to one or more small exhaust boxes in the bathroom. These inlet boxes can incorporate a bright light.

The humid air travels up through one of these inlet vents through insulated flexible piping. Two vents can be connected to the exhaust fan motor with the use of a "Y" fitting. Large screw clamps are used to connect the flexible exhaust hose to the motor.

The fan forces the humid air up a larger diameter hose to the exhaust vent on the roof. Watch Tim's video Roof Flashing for Bathroom Fans for valuable information on installing the roof vent.

These new fans have an electronic timer switch with preset times. The fan will continue to run after you leave the bathroom, but will turn themselves off after the selected time. This will help remove all or most of the humid air from the bathroom to lessen the growth of mold.

Since the motor is not right in the bathroom ceiling, they are whisper quiet.


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  1. Hello Tim, I have been a long time fan, Thanks.
    I would like to duplicate the bath exhaust fan setup you show in your video. Could you provide the Manufacturer names, Model #'s etc of the various parts? Also how many sq ft is the bathroom and how many cfm's? What size ducting? My space is an 8'x8' shower/toilet next to an 8'x8' double vanity with a wall and door in between.
    Keep up the great work

  2. If you connected two bathrooms to the same fan, how would you make sure that the bathroom that calls for ventilation with its door probably closed gets ventilated adequately instead of pulling air from the unused bathroom that probably has an open door?
    -- Matt

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