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Bathroom Privacy Window Film

bathroom privacy window film

Here's the bathroom privacy window film in my home. These windows face my neighbor's house. Look out the top center window. You can imagine the show they'd get standing on their driveway getting into that pickup truck! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Bathroom Privacy Window Film - Many Styles

I installed bathroom privacy window film for my wife in the past year. As a result, she's happy as a clam!

Many years ago older homes all had actual pressed privacy glass. The actual glass had tiny patterns in it that obscured your vision through the glass.

The glass allowed all the light to pass into the bathroom, but you couldn't see what was in the room if you were outside.

Bathroom window privacy film allows you to transform clear glass in any room in less than an hour. You can have all sorts of light pass into the room, but no one outside who peers through the film can see what's going on!

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Privacy Film Comes in Colors, Patterns  - Even Stained Glass

I love how the plastic privacy films come in different colors, patterns and degrees of translucency.

My wife decided she wanted a pattern that resembled etched glass.

bathroom privacy window film

Here's a closeup shot of my window film. You can see the etched-glass appearance. It was very easy to install this film. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

It's important to realize the films are available in many different colors in case you want to create a mood with your glass.

You may want the windows to cast a blue tone in the room. That might be a very relaxing color.

Aquatic scenes are even possible, but the trouble with these are the scene needs to match the size of your window pane.

Window Film Video

Watch this interesting video to see how a mom cuts up some window film to make a french door fairly private. She skipped a few very important steps, but you'll get the idea:

bathroom privacy window film

This is one of HUNDREDS of patterns / styles / colors of bathroom window privacy film. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to see them and have them delivered to your door in days.

Conclusion - Privacy Window Films Are Fantastic

All things considered, I think you can agree that the privacy window films are gorgeous.

You can transform clear glass to one that's got a stunning film in minutes. The best part is if you don't like the window film you can peel it off and install a new pattern!


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