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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are a core fixture found in just about every bathroom. The bathroom sink is supported by the vanity, and the cabinet conceals the plumbing water supply lines as well as the drain line. The bathroom vanity cabinet plays a big roll when it comes to the overall design of a bathroom. Pick the right vanity and it can make a dramatic statement if you have both good taste and a generous budget.

Many consumers are unaware there is a vast difference in quality when looking at bathroom vanities. Mass-produced vanities are often very inexpensive, and can be found at home centers. Semi-custom bathroom vanities can be ordered at kitchen and bath showrooms that represent various cabinet manufacturers. You will pay more for these, but the higher quality is noticeable. You can also find cabinetmakers that will build you anything you can dream in your head. What's more, they can build the vanity from just about any material. A custom bathroom vanity can become a permanent fixture in a bathroom if it is built well and has a classic design.

Don't think that you must use a standard vanity cabinet when it comes time to furnish your bathroom. You can use just about any box to create the needed support for the countertop that sits on top of the vanity. I have even used a gorgeous chest of drawers to make a vanity cabinet.

If you use a vanity in a bathroom, you will want drawers with it if you have the room. But a powder room or hallway bath for guests might not need a vanity with pullout drawers. Keep this in mind as you look at different vanities.

Trends change as people grow tired of a look. Bathroom vanities that resemble furniture, instead of just a traditional box cabinet, often are timeless. These stylish vanities never seem to go out of style, and people who see them often comment on their beauty and functionality.

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