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Behr Deck Over Problems

behr deck over

That's my left foot you see in the lower-left corner. See how this thick coating over the wood deck is peeling? What a mess! Once this happens, what do you do? Rip off all the wood? Do you think you can sand this mess? No way. (C) Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Behr Deck Over Problems

Behr Deck Over is a thick coating you apply to worn-out decks. Dan from CT emailed me back in October 2016 about this very issue.

The coating was designed by the Behr chemists to both fill and bridge over large cracks you see in neglected wood decks.

It's important to realize that all coatings eventually peel. When this thick coating peels off your deck, it's going to be a nightmare.

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Behr Deck Over and Applesauce

I attended the first-ever Behr Editors Conference a few years ago and had the opportunity to apply some of this product to worn-out treated lumber.

Not only was the product as thick as applesauce, but it also took some effort to apply it.

Wood Decks and Water

Wood is hygroscopic. This means that wood expands and shrinks depending on how wet it is. 

Metal is not hygroscopic nor is fiberglass or fiber cement siding. That's why paint has no problem sticking to your car, your boat or the Hardiplank cement siding on your home.

Treated deck lumber gets wet and dries out each time it rains. This back and forth movement of the wood will cause the Behr Deck Over to peel at some point just as you see in the photo above.

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Perfect Preparation Required

Oxygen Bleach

Stain Solver is MADE in the USA with USA ingredients that are food-grade quality. CLICK THE IMAGE to order some NOW.

You must do an excellent job of preparing the treated wood before you apply the Behr Deck Over if you want it to last a long time.

The best cleaner to use is certified organic Stain Solver oxygen bleach. Stain Solver is a simple powder you mix with water and apply to the dry treated lumber.

Best Way to Clean a Deck Video

Watch this short video to see the best way to clean a neglected deck.

Follow Behr Deck Over Instructions

Another key point is to make sure you read and follow all the instructions of the label of the cans. 

In the long run, it's the best way to ensure you get the longest life out of the product should you decide to use it.

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