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Behr Paint Facts and You the Pro – Part One

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  • Behr Paint is proudly used
If you're a professional painter, I'm willing to wager your perception of Behr Paint may be like mine was fifty-seven hours ago. As the wheels of my plane touched down at LAX on February 9, 2014, I thought Behr paint was a tier-two paint company that made paints I'd possibly put on a low-budget job for fear the paint wouldn't stand the test of time.
As a former custom builder / remodeler I know, like you, that when you're about to invest thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of dollars into a customer's job, the last thing you want is to be called back to repaint that house, retail store or hotel.
You want products, tools, sub-contractors and employees you know will not fail. You want a paint that will be easy to use, make you more money and provide fantastic value for the price paid. Lastly, you want products that make your customers happy.
Happy customers are the only ones you should ever want, as they'll become customers for life and will generate far more work for you by word of mouth and in social media than any advertisement you'd ever invest in.
If you're a wise and prudent painter, you don't want to *hope* the paint you use will work. Only fools hope for things, as hope is what you do when you can't control the outcome.
You don't have to hope any longer about the interior and exterior paint you use on your jobs. Based on what I witnessed with my own eyes and ears over the past 24 hours, I'm here to tell you Behr paint is a product I'd proudly use on my home and on any job I'd do for my best customer.
The Tour and Team
As I type this just after 6 a.m. here in my hotel room at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA resort just about fifteen miles south of the Behr Paint corporate headquarters in southern California, I can tell you the bear on their logo is perhaps the most fortuitous symbol the founders of the company could have ever chosen.
Just as the bear is the apex predator in the forest, Behr - in my opinion - is now the apex predator in the paint industry. The Behr paint management team, over the past few decades, has silently and slowly built a company that possesses the strength, power, and attributes you, the professional painter, can count on to guide and protect you while you make your way through the dangerous forest of the business world.
I'm in my final day of a three-day immersion into the Behr paint story, culture and campus as one of a small group of lucky members of the media. We were invited to get to look behind the magic curtain of everything Behr. These media tours are common in the industry and can be very revealing if you attend with your eyes open and take advantage of the rare opportunity to ask questions of team members you'd otherwise never have the opportunity to meet.
I've attended at least 50-75 editors tours like this in my twenty years as a syndicated newspaper columnist turned Internet publisher. Prior to that I was a custom builder / remodeler that would never settle for second best when it came to building products or work produced by my subcontractors. I'm here to tell you I've never been left with such a strong positive impression about a company and the products they make as I now have about Behr paints.


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  1. Hi Tim,

    I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint with their nano technology to paint my house in 2008 and it still is performing well. It was a little runny for the sprayer but got the job done by backrolling everything.

    I used Behr Premium Plus interior paint to paint most of interior in 2012 and it worked well.

    My research back in 2008 convinced me that the Behr PPU was one of the best available so I am kind of wondering why you are just now determining that Behr is a very good option.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


    • Mike, That sounds great. As for why I'm just now telling you about Behr, there are many reasons. For one, thousands of new products are introduced each year. It's impossible for me, or any one person - or even company - to keep up. I was invited to the first-ever Behr Editors Conference back in February, and I was immersed in their culture and products for three days. That's why the above column was written.

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