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Belt Sanding Tips Video

Belt Sanding Tips

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to show you how to use a belt sander to take the finish off a piece of furniture or a piece of wood.

The problem I have right now is it is about 47 degrees outside. I wanted to use a chemical stripper, but the instructions say the working temperature should be between 60 and 80 degrees. Well, I have to get the job done, so I am going to treat this the same way you would refinish a hard wood floor.

All a contract does that sands hardwood floors is he just uses his sander with different grits of sandpaper. Let's get started.

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Right now I have 60-grit sandpaper on the belt sander. It's pretty rough and it is going to really good job to make the initial cut through the finish.

Wait!! Before we get started, there is an important tip. If you don't know this, you will probably ruin the piece of furniture. You don't just put the sanding machine down on the surface and hold it in position.

Not only do I have to run the sander back and forth slowly, but I also have to move it in a circular motion. Doing this ensures that you don't cut a line or a pattern in the surface.

Let me show you. Well you can see that it does a great cutting into the finish. In just a matter of seconds, the finish has been removed and it is down to bare wood.

Common Belt Sander Uses:

  • sand peach fuzz from recently cleaned wood decks
  • sand small patches of hardwood flooring
  • sand flat slab doors and large baseboard
  • sand any larger flat surface

So now to finish the job, is to do the entire top with that first pass with the 60-grit sand paper. Then go back and do it over with different grit sandpapers - 80 grit, 120 grit, etc. - getting finer each time until the table top is as smooth as a piece of glass.

And that's how you can take a finish off a piece of furniture.

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5 Responses to Belt Sanding Tips Video

  1. That was a great tip on how to use a belt sander, I never knew you were supposed to go in circles like that. Thank you, Walter

  2. Tim, great video, but you forgot to point out to people that you were sanding WITH the grain of the wood, and not across it. Hopefully they recognized that, but I'm sure you intended to mention it...

  3. Hey Tim:
    In your video on using a belt sander -- you failed to mention using a dust mask or safety glasses.
    I used a couple of belt sanders a couple of summers ago on my outdoor deck and created lots of dust.

    • John, thanks for that. I've discovered that if you spend the time to go through all the safety warnings - and if you skip just one the Safety Police (you're a member :-> ) - jump all over you. After taping videos now for 15 years, I feel that most people need to use some common sense. What's more, spending all that time on the safety warnings, there'd be no time left for the instructions. Most people zone out of the videos after about 40 seconds. The analytics package on YouTube proves this.

  4. I just brought a belt sander and when I turn it on it is hard to control. Do I need to do something to slow the power from pulling it away, or is this something I learn to control with time?
    Need to mention that I am just starting to use sanders.

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