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Tim Carter talks with Maggie in North Carolina. Maggie and Tim are old friends as they worked together to put whitewash on Maggie's fireplace. CLICK or TAP HERE for the unbelievable before and after whitewash photos.

This time Maggie wants to know the best exterior house paint. She needs to paint her James Hardie wood fiber siding and the paint needs to last a long time.

Tim shares a tale about a magic urethane house paint he put on the last home 20+ years ago before moving to New Hampshire. That paint still looks perfect. He painted his existing home in NH with the same urethane house paint and it looks like it was painted yesterday.

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Listen to discover who makes this magic paint! Here are photos of Maggie's house and siding that need the paint:

james hardie siding

This is a fine house. Maggie is going to use the magic urethane house paint.

james hardie siding

Maggie will use certified organic Stain Solver to clean her siding. The paint will stick really well to clean siding.

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