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Best Snow Shovel for Seniors

snow shovels for seniors

Each one of these, in my opinion, is the best snow shovels for seniors. The yellow one is excellent for pushing snow like a plow. The blue one is not as wide and has a great scoop shape for lifting smaller amounts of snow. CLICK HERE to have both delivered to your home.

I'm reticent to admit it, but I'm a senior and I have to shovel snow here at my home in central New Hampshire.

I've been experimenting with snow shovels now for ten years and have a few favorites that may be of great interest to you.

It's important to realize that weight is your enemy as a senior. The snow shovel needs to be light and strong. The ones I use above fit that criteria.

How Wide are the Two Shovels?

The yellow Garant shovel is 26 inches wide. It's made from plastic and has a steel blade at the bottom for skimming pavement.

The blue shovel is 19 inches wide and also made from plastic. Both shovels are feather light.

garant shallow shape

Note the shallow curve of the Garant shovel. It matches the curve you see on common plows on pickup trucks. There are no sides as well and snow slides off easily if you try to LIFT it with this tool. This is best for pushing 1 to 3 inches of dry or moderately wet snow. CLICK HERE to get this Garant Yukon similar model.
garant steel blade

The steel blade allows you to scrape everything but snow dust from your pavement. I have TWO of these Garant shovels and the one is seven years older than this one. I used the first one so much I wore off the steel blade! Now just the plastic edge scrapes the snow and it does a great job. CLICK HERE to get a Garant snow shovel.
garant handle

This is an odd handle, but it's wide enough for you to place both hands on it so both of your arms are pushing the snow. Remember, you want to use the smaller blue shovel to LIFT and throw snow. CLICK HERE to get these great snow shovels.
blue full wide

This smaller plastic shovel is just 19 inches wide, but it sports more of a scoop shape and it has small edges or sides that lock the snow onto the scoop so it doesn't fall off as you lift and throw it. This shovel is feather light. CLICK HERE to get one.
blue shape

Note how this curve is more extreme than the yellow Garant shovel. You can also see the side edges that stop the snow from sliding off if you tilt the shovel as you lift it. You'll LOVE this small shovel. CLICK HERE to order one.


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  1. You never said the name of the blue shovel. The link you have goes to page after page of shovels. What’s the brand name?

    • I don't remember the name. I bought it at my local grocery store two years ago. If you just scroll through the pages at the link I have above, you'll see several just like it. Pick the one you feel will work best for you.

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