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Bidet Converter Kit

biobidet elite

Bidet Conversion Kit. Here's a great one - BioBidet Elite. You just switch out your toilet seat and connect the water and Presto Amino you have a clean bum!

Bidet Converter Kit - They are Life-Changing - Get One

Did you know some people in the world think using toilet paper is disgusting? This is why they use a bidet or a bidet attachment to their existing toilet.

Why do you think Proctor & Gamble pays huge money to creative advertising people to use friendly looking bears to sell Charmin toilet paper?

Millions of people across the world don't use toilet paper. They clean feces from their posterior with soothing warm water. They don't have skid marks in their small clothes like you probably do.

I produce a FREE weekly newsletter and asked my subscribers to share their experiences about bidets. Each one had glowing positive remarks about their bidet toilet seat. Sit back and enjoy what they have to say about a toilet bidet:

Andrew sent this:

"We have two washers in our home, specifically the Toto S500E because it offered a “soft wash” feature that sounded good to these newbies. After reading an article we decided that we were ready to reduce our toilet paper usage.

We had an electrician install an outlet behind the toilet. The bidet seat install is not difficult, directions were good and YouTube videos are available to assist with many seats.

My first three times or so using the bidet I had it on the softest lowest setting and thought I had made a terrible mistake. For about two weeks I felt uncomfortable.

Since then I dislike the unclean feeling I have after using toilets with tissue only. We later purchased a second seat, opting to get the same model for ease of learning the remote. We put the second one in the half bathroom on the main floor, and used a very short heavy duty extension cord to reach the existing outlet."

Kathie is about to sell you a toilet seat bidet. Here's what she says:

"My daughter single-handedly installed one at her condo a couple of years ago (and has since easily removed/re-installed it at a new address).

Her raving about it made me anxious to experience it. Well, without going into "great" detail it truly was a life-changing experience and I wanted to install one at our home.

The brand that we HIGHLY recommend to everyone is LUXE Bidet Neo. They have several different model numbers based on the control colors/features. The one we purchased is their most basic model -- cold water only, non-electric, gray/white control and only cost $20 at Walmart last Christmas. It's also available on Amazon at various price points for various models.

The main points of our total satisfaction are:

  • Clear instructions for EASY installation
  • Very clear instructions for usage
  • Attractive looking
  • VERY effective cleaning and comfortable to use
  • Excellent quality and price
  • Ability to remove/re-install at a new location
  • Stellar reviews (Amazon and elsewhere)

The only additional piece we purchased (minimal cost) was a certain length cold water supply line to work with our particular toilet.

At first I thought cold water only would be too harsh, but you definitely do not need warm water to feel comfortable while using a bidet.

I wish we had one in our home many, many years ago. It is such a civilized and thorough way of cleansing that makes so much sense.

I'm so spoiled by this method that I purchased a portable squirt bottle (made for this purpose) when I travel."

Rick loves his bidet toilet attachment:

"A couple of years ago I purchased a Brondell (Swash) and I don't think I could ever go back. My only regret is that I do not have enough funds to cover the other two toilets in the house.

This one is electric so I dropped a new line down from the GFCI above the toilet. I'm pretty anal (no pun intended) about hiding wires and have no qualms about installing a new outlet if it will keep most of the wiring out of sight. My only wish is that the supply line was more concealable.

I have become so spoiled by this thing that I will run to the master bath on the second floor if it's time for a sit down. Cold seats are shocking after living with a warm bidet. Oh, and the heated water! I cannot imagine using one of these discount setups that merely shoot the cold supply line water-BBRRRR!

Only one real complaint-I've noticed the seat is discoloring despite following all cleaning instructions but for the comfort achieved, I'll live with it."

Bill loves his Tushy. Read why:

"Hi, Tim! I’m responding to your request about experiences with toilet seat bidets.

My son gave me one about a year ago, I think it was for Father’s Day. At first I thought it might be kind of a joke, but discovered he had one himself and loved it, and unknown to me at the time, my daughter had one also and loved it. My son told me it would be “life changing“. Well, that’s a little overstated, but we installed it together (it was easy) and I’ve been using it ever since with great satisfaction.

It’s a little intimidating at first, especially when that stream of cold water hits you where things usually come out instead of going in, but once you get used to it the result is great. I’ve never felt so clean, and I believe I’m saving money on toilet paper. The brand I have is called Tushy, and I would recommend it highly.

Love your newsletter and read every last one, and although I’m 75 and have done a lot of DIY home improvement over the years, I learn something new from you all the time. Thanks for that!"

Ken has words of wisdom. Be sure to go before you leave your home:

"I've had two different bidet seats. Each had different features so you need to look at what they are offering to determine what you want.

The first was an OVE and the second was a Bio Bidet USPA. Both had heated seats, water to wash your bottom, and air to dry with. They both did the job they were supposed to by washing and drying properly. They had remote control that I consider essential.

They were easy to install. My preference is for the Bio Bidet as it's easier to adjust temperatures and other settings. The biggest problem is using a toilet without a bidet seat."

Sharon had a wonderful story to share:

"Hi, Tim,

Regarding bidets, we have a BioBidet Elite in each bathroom and I'll never go back to toilet paper. Ours are attachments, not the entire toilet. They work well enough for us. I was concerned about the water temp since these don't use hot water hookup or heaters. I was surprised that it's not shocking when using regular cold water, even during the winter.

To me, all the fancy extras that come with the bidet toilets aren't necessary, not to mention how expensive those toilets are. I wasn't willing to spend that kind of money on replacing an entire toilet and then not liking it.
I highly recommend the bidet attachments. They do the job very well."



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