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Blacktop Driveway Crack Repair Video

Just bringing out the last tool needed to start my blacktop crack repair job. Be sure the weather is right and that the blacktop is dry. These are the conditions that are needed to finish a blacktop repair job.

Hereโ€™s the first thing to do before starting. Wear safety goggles! The first thing to do, according to the directions on the label, is to clean out the crack. Use a regular broom and sweep the crack clear of loose debris and sand. Remember, the blacktop has to be nice and dry before proceeding.

The crack to be repaired is in a v-sharp. The sides of the crack are not parallel. Therefore, it is difficult to install a backer-rod. The asphalt repair compound is applied using a standard caulk gun. Carefully squeeze out the compound into the crack. Be sure not to get it higher then the surrounding driveway. The compound should just flow out filling the crack. Be sure to follow the directions regarding the proper working temperature for your particular compound.

When getting to a wide area, fill it up but not too high. There is a reason to leave it a little lower. More on that later. Take a small stick, about 1/4 inch wide and spread the sealant out onto the surrounding asphalt. Also, make sure the caulk sealant is not too high. This helps make a really good bond between the repair compound and the existing driveway.

Now back to those wide areas. Before starting the repair job, collect some of the gravel that has been dislodged from the driveway. Take some of these rocks and place them into the sealant compound. It may sound crazy, but it actually helps disguise the crack for one. And it helps make the sealant work much better because it makes the repair stronger. Gently push the rocks into the sealant and be sure the sealant covers the edges of the rocks. This step will help keep the rocks in the sealant.

The final step is an Ask the Builder tip. Collect some of the loose sand from the sides of the driveway. The sand will include some small pieces from the driveway. This will match the coloring of the driveway. Sprinkle this over the fresh crack sealant. This will do two things. First, provide a covering in case someone accidentally steps on the compound before it sets. And secondly, it will help disguise the crack. Making it look more like the regular driveway.

It is that simple to repair a blacktop crack.

Tim Carter


9 Responses to Blacktop Driveway Crack Repair Video

  1. Great asphalt video. on a personal note I'll be going to dayton hamvention with my son for the first time. Have you been to this and if so anything special I should know in regards to surviving the 3 days. tnx and 73 tom wb8wgx

  2. GREAT JOB TIM, and great info. too, will send this email to my son, as he needs to do this to his driveway too ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is so easy I could do it LOL

  3. Sorry, forgot to ask question...how long does it take for this to dry, so you can walk or drive car on it ????? You didn't say in your video ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good video! Can you please state the name of the caulking product you used (trade name and company)? Also, why did you choose that particular one? Are there certain factors or ingredients to look for when choosing such a product? Thanks!

  5. My neighbor says if your stones are showing that much as in your video it is time to seal the whole driveway, when is the proper time?

    • Your neighbor is WRONG...... Many people seal driveways so they look good. When was the last time you saw a city road sealed? Sealing does help stop water from seeping into the blacktop which helps if you're in a cold climate. But other places, it's just creating a maintenance circle.

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