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Blasting Ledge

ledge bedrock wide
See that mound in the center of the photo? That's ledge. There's solid bedrock just under the soil. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Blasting Ledge - Not DIY No Way No How

Blasting ledge was done years ago with hand drills and sledge hammers. You'd drill down about 18 inches, pack the hole with black powder and light a fuse. Now we have modern safer explosives like TNT and dynamite.

blasting tnt dynamite
These yellow tubes are the dynamite or TNT that will shatter rock and blow your body to bits. It requires the utmost respect. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

The first step in blasting ledge is drilling holes into the rock. Modern machinery can do this in just minutes. The spacing of the holes depends on the hardness of the rock that's being removed.

rock drill blasting machine
This is a machine that drills holes in rock like you'd drill a hole in soft wood. The machine can drill faster than you can ever imagine. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Once the TNT or dynamite is packed into the holes, giant mats that have rubber tires and steel mesh are placed over the rock. These absorb the impact of the exploding rocks so they don't go flying through the neighborhood.


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