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Blinc Mouse Trap Review

blinc mouse trap

Blinc Mouse Trap | They work and they work well. Here's one of the POWs that infiltrated my garage and is wanting its freedom and liberty back. Note the smeared peanut butter on the slide-up panel to the right. It's got air holes on one side of the panel so the irresistible aroma of the peanut butter lures the mouse into the trap. CLICK or TAP HERE to order these amazing traps now.

Blinc Mouse Trap - Best I've Ever Used

I've tried lots of different mouse traps because mice, unfortunately, are part of just about every house in New England. As winter arrives, these tiny furballs hunt for a place to stay warm and continue to plop out progeny inside your home.

The Blinc mouse trap is the most humane and best one I've ever used. It's ingenious.

How Does the Blinc Mouse Trap Work?

The trap is a simple house that looks just like a miniature subway tube. There's only one way in and the mouse has to walk across the trapdoor to get to the bait. This is a critical part of the design because the trap won't close prematurely as happens with other inferior traps. Once the mouse makes it farther into the tube to get to the bait and is no longer on the trap door, its weight transfers to another flat plate that releases the trap-door latch. In a microsecond, you've got your POW.

blinc mouse trap

This is the trapdoor. It's been set and the mouse can now walk across it. CLICK or TAP HERE to have two of these traps at your home in days.

 Does the Trap Hurt the Mouse?

No, the only thing that might happen is if the mouse has a long tail, the tail might get pinched as the trapdoor closes. The mouse is just unhappy and frustrated because it can't escape.

What Do You Use for Bait?

I've had the best luck with peanut butter. You smear some on the slide-up panel at the other end of the tube. You can see it in the photo at the top of the page with the POW mouse.

How Do You Release the Mouse?

The slide-up panel at the end of the tube opposite the trap door is how the mouse walks back to freedom. You just set the trap on the ground wherever you want to release the mouse and pull the panel up. The mouse skitters away exclaiming, "You fool! I'll be back!"

Where's the Best Place to set the Blinc Mouse Trap?

Mice love to walk along walls. They hate to be out in the open. It's best to place the trap along a wall where you think they're in a particular room.

blinc mouse trap

The trap is set along a short wall. I've caught about eight POWs so far at this same spot. They seem to love to come to this end of my garage. CLICK or TAP HERE to get your Blinc Mouse Traps.

blinc mouse trap

Get the two-pack of the Blinc Mouse Trap. I've caught two mice the same night because I deployed both traps. CLICK or TAP HERE NOW to order these humane traps.



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