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What is the most important part of building a new house or that new room addition? The blueprints or specifications! What should be included in the plans?

There should be clear, crisp drawings with lots of notes and details. Detail drawings are smaller drawings for a specific area of the house to show the builder exactly what to do.

Interior elevations should also be included in the plans. These are pictures of a bathroom or kitchen, that shows the builder or remodeler where things will go.

Exterior elevations shows what the house or room will look like from the outside.

Specifications are written notes at the end of the blueprints. These would be too cumbersome on the drawing pages or may be too wordy. But they are needed on the plans.

Be sure that the blueprints have a separate page for the electrical wiring, showing the location of the outlets, fixtures and switches. This is very important.

There is a computer CD-Rom available that has over 5000 plans on it. This is a great way to see what plans look like and what should be included. This is from Dream Homes Source.

Good blueprints and specifications ensures that everyone involved in the project knows what is expected. Be sure yours are good, detailed and complete.


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