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Bosch Bulldog Hammer Drill Review

I love love love the Bosch Bulldog hammer drill. Specifically the GBH18V 26K24 hammer drill kit.

My first hammer drill is a Bosch corded drill. It's important to realize my old drill is thirty-five years old.

For this reason I'm able to weigh in on modern technology.

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My Professional Experience

Drilling Into Stucco

bosch bulldog hammer drill GBH18V

Here's the Bosch Bulldog doing what it does best. Drilling into solid granite like a sharp wood bit burrows into balsa wood. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have the drill kit delivered to your home in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

18-Volt Bosch Bulldog Hammer Drill Power

This cordless hammer drill is powered by batteries. The batteries have copious amounts of energy.

bosch bulldog hammer drill battery

The battery is shy. It's hiding behind my rain jacket. It provides plenty of power when you need it. As a matter of fact it's got 18 volts and 6.3 Ah of power. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Hammer Drill Features

The photographs do a much better job of telling the story. With this in mind, look closely at all the great features!

bosch bulldog hammer drill vibration damper

The black accordion-shaped part is a vibration damper. You can see it above my right index finger. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this handsome drill in your hands in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

bosch bulldog hammer drill and granite

I drilled into solid granite on a rainy day. This helps dampen the dust created by the powerful drill. CLICK HERE to have this SDS-plus hammer drill in your truck in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

bosch bulldog hammer drill functions

The tool has three settings. It will chip, drill or hammer drill. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to BUY. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Hammer Drill Specifications

The specifications for the drill are here.

To summarize, I loved everything about this hammer drill. Cordless tools are here to stay.

Gone are the days of muddy extension cords. I won't mis them for a moment.

Drilling Into Concrete Video

This video demonstrates how to drill into wood and concrete using a hammer drill.


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