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Brass Cleaning Companies

Professional Companies That Will Clean Your Brass

Here is a list of companies I found that will clean your brass objects and do exceptional work. They accept articles from out of state people all of the time. Sure, they probably do more work for local residents who live near them but they will clean, polish and clear coat your brass so it will look good for many, many years. The company that I have personal experience with is Carlisle and Finch, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This company has true craftsman who work for them. I know because I met them! They know how to make brass objects shine. The acrylic polyurethane that they use is tough as nails. Send a photo or two of your brass object to Kurt Finch and tell him I said "Hello!" He will get back to you promptly with a quote. Visit their website listed below.

  • New Life Copper & Brass Maintenance
    9984 Marine City Hwy
    Casco, MI 48064-4108

    They don't use lacquer, but a proprietary secret coating which includes a UV inhibitor. The owner Ken Hancock says this can last 15 years outdoors.

  • Art Brass Plating
    5516 3rd Avenue S.
    Seattle, WA 98108

    This company has lots of experience and if the person who I talked to is correct, they use a special polyurethane to prevent tarnish.

  • Carlisle and Finch Company
    4562 West Mitchell Avenue
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45232

    You will not go wrong by sending your brass to this company. Your brass is in safe hands with Carlisle and Finch. The acrylic polyurethane they use is specially formulated for outdoor use. If your brass object will be kept indoors, expect it to look perfect for a very long time! If it is outdoors, it should be tarnish free for 10 years or more.

  • Brass and Copper Shop
    13 South Carroll Street
    Frederick, Maryland 21701
  • McBuffer's
    1420 Dille Road Unit F
    Euclid, OH 44117

    They use a technique of baking on a lacquer coat after cleaning. They do beds and hardware from around the country. Lacquer is OK, but it is no substitute for the acrylic polyurethane!

  • The Shine Shop
    PO Box J
    Lakeside, Oregon 97449

    They polish stuff from all over the USA, but have had no luck with clear finishes. They claim that once the object has a mirror finish, it takes much longer to tarnish. I don't subscribe to this thinking at all! Without a clear coating, the object WILL tarnish!

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2 Responses to Brass Cleaning Companies

  1. FYI, I sent a very expensive brass lamp per your web-site recommendation to Carlisle and Finch Company.

    Nothing but problem after problem. First they lost 2 very hard to replace parts ( 1 year later I have not be able to find either ). I sent over 48 parts for cleaning, labeling each and every part. Small parts were send in a zip lock bags with tags.

    Second, the parts came back very poorly finished. Lots of tarnish left on the parts.

    Third, took weeks for them to even get back to me for an estimate, it was me who had to call to ask for a pricing.

    After a month and $400, they just didn't care about the poor service or the lost parts, e-mails and calls went unanswered.

    Please reconsider them for your great review, I would never recommend them to anyone. I'm not some prude or difficult customer, but the service was so poor and expensive I was very disappointed that you would recommend them.

    Don Ashworth
    Little Rock, AR

    • Don,

      Did you call and talk with the owner Kurt Finch? What did he say?

      When you have issues, don't you commonly escalate them to the person where the buck stops?

      Call him now. Let me know what he says.

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