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Briggs & Stratton Quiet Power Technology Engine Test Video

This video provides a side-by-side test of two Briggs & Stratton engines. Wait till you hear the new one! The newer engine has the Quiet Power Technology that produces 65% less noise and less vibration. The two engines tested were close in size. The newer engine was quieter then the old one. That's a fact!


5 Responses to Briggs & Stratton Quiet Power Technology Engine Test Video

  1. Nice try Tim. Your heart was in the right place, but you were right- it was difficult to hear a dramatic difference on my laptop. You may want to try a free app for your phone called db Meter Pro - placing your phone equal distance from the mufflers. db Meter Pro has a nice display and I have used it with success in my motorcycle club for comparison purposes. Keep up the great work!

  2. I bought a Craftsman lawn mower with the B&S Quiet Power engine about 6 weeks ago and it definitely is significantly quieter than a regular engine. The difference is much more pronounced than it appears to be in the video. The microphone doesn't do it justice. The only problem is that it is so quiet, every time I cut the grass I have to shake the feeling that it CAN NOT POSSIBLY be as powerful as my old mower, even though the new one has 1/2 more horsepower. It sure does cut the grass though, so that feeling is illusory.

  3. +1 Keith.
    Tim, I read every eLetter, have bought Stain Solver and will again, and am very respectful of your efforts and knowledge.

    But production values? As the kids say, "meh".

    I know you're a low budget operation and it's wondrous what we get for your work. But please, please spring for a cheap tripod. Your "selfies" are troublesome at normal resolution, at full screen they're ...disturbing.

    Set the camera down and step back away from it!
    : )

    BTW, I can hear the tonal differences between the two mowers and it's significant, but I believe a built-in microphone will attenuate loud sounds to a certain level and that's what's happening here. But there's an app for that!

    Best regards, etc., etc.

    • Thanks for your comments. Perhaps you might want to volunteer your time like I do and come help me tape professional videos. Think of all the good you'll do for humanity by doing that. When will you be here so I can block out the time? 😉

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