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Build A Porch Video Part 1 of 6

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm here at a house that has a big problem with the front porch. This porch could be the same as your deck. Check some of the problems on this porch. But first, I am going to tape a series of videos on rebuilding this porch to eliminate water problems.

The first problem is a base board that was not painted when the house was recently painted. The reason is this board is falling apart. It's fiber cement siding and the reason is fell apart is because the siding was installed too close and right on top of the deck.

Secondly, we discovered as the porch was taken apart that there are flashing problems. The porch/deck was not flashed properly.

One of the biggest problems was when the porch was built, the boards were placed too close together. The previous owner of the home actually took a drill and a circular saw to try and create holes and grooves in-between the boards so water could drain.

One last problem at the front door is a lack of flashing. No flashing is visible. In a future video, I will show you how to fix that, as well as the other problems. Be sure to watch the entire video series to see how the porch is rebuilt to eliminate all the water issues.


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