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Build A Porch Video Part 3 of 6

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and this is the third installment of the Build a Porch Video series. I want to show you this ingenious way we are going to support the porch. Previously the band boards were nailed directly to the house. We want to get them away from the house about 3-inches. This will allow us to extend the siding down over the foundation, and provide us with a nice air-space between the edge of the porch and the siding.

So far, we have installed three(4" x 6" x 5/16") steel supports that will be bolted with wedge anchors into the foundation. Also to help hold them in place, we are going to use a two-part epoxy that needs to be mixed. The ends of the anchor bolts will be coated with the epoxy as they are driven into the foundation.

To install the wedge anchors, you drill a half-inch hole in the foundation. Place the washer and the nut on the anchor, apply the epoxy and then using a hammer drive the anchor into the hole. Then as the nut is tightened, the end of the wedge anchor starts to expand holding the anchor tight.

As a secondary defense due to the weight of the deck and a limited number of supports, a treated-lumber block will be placed on the ground under the support and a 4"x4" treated-lumber block will be placed between the angle iron support and the block on the ground. This support will help keep the angle iron from trying to tip downwards under the weight of the porch.

This will all come together in the next few videos. Click here for the other three videos.


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