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Building Construction Cameras Video

Home building and home remodeling projects are the number two area of complain to the Better Business Bureau. What happens if during your build or project, things start to go south? You might up with a trip to the attorney's office. You might find out that photographs could save you money. An image on film and negatives is a great picture of what is happening at the job site.

But with most 35MM cameras, you have to wait until the pictures are developed to see if the photos took. By then, it might be too late to take another set of pictures. There are instant film cameras that give you that picture right away. That way you know if you have the photograph you need to make your point. One disadvantage is no negatives. So if you need additional copies, you will have to take multiple pictures.

Look for the film that has a mat finish. This finish will allow you to mark on the picture and make notes.

Remember, digital pictures will not work in this case. Software programs allow you or someone else to modify the picture. You will need prints from negatives or instant cameras. They can't be altered.


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