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Building Steps Tip


I shared this one on Facebook on Super Bowl Sunday:

"Don't take the easy way out of building steps by making those sawtooth notch cuts. Create rabbets in the sides of the stringers so you maximize the strength of the set of steps."

You've seen steps cut the wrong way. Those are the ones that look like a saw blade. Remember, stair stringers are the beams that support your weight, that of the refrigerator, and the other person helping you. When you cut the sawtooth configuration, you turn a 2x12 into a 2x6!

Want to see how to layout, cut and make rabbets in stair stringers the way I do? Do you want to discover the most comfortable riser/tread combination for a new set of steps? You know, the perfect set of steps that are safe and easy to go up and down?

All of that and more are in this Building Deck Stairs eBook of mine.


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