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Bull Float Video

Bull Float

Hello, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com. I want to show you how they use a bull float to float a concrete slab. Watch this. The operator lifts the float slightly on the return pull and moves it back and forth. What the bull float is doing is helping to push some of the bigger aggregate down that is close to the top of the concrete a little bit down inside the slab.

In addition, the bull float is giving a smoother surface to the slab. So when they go to trowel the concrete, it is a lot easier to get a nice smooth finish on it.

This bull float has a nice long handle on it to reach all the way across the slab. The operator lifts up on the handle and turns it slightly and pulls it back, creating that nice smooth surface without standing on the slab.

All that is needed is a nice gentle touch to float it across the concrete. The concrete is way too wet to stand on, so the bull float allows the surface to be worked without being on the concrete slab. The vibration from the operator helps drive those bigger rocks down into the concrete. You want just some sand and Portland cement to be in the upper 1/4" of the surface.

That's how a bull float works. You will need one when pouring your concrete slab.


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