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  • No one buys paint online
  • Color needs to be seen in person
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I don't have a record of when the meeting happened, but my guess is it was 2004.

I was in the offices of Miller Brothers Paint in Norwood, Ohio meeting with the owner of the company and his Information Technology officer.

"Tim, I've been selling paint for 30-plus years. You may know construction and a little bit of the Internet, but your totally wrong about people buying paint online. No one's going to do that. They have to come in and see the colors."

"With all due respect, I feel you're wrong. I can see the day where people buy paint online and have it delivered to their homes just like they'd order a shirt or pair of pants. Time will become too valuable and people will just not have the time to stand and wait for paint to be mixed."

Well, we know who was right and who was wrong don't we? 

I ordered some paint last week and it showed up moments ago at my house.

The packaging, as you can see from the photos below, was perfect. It would take an explosion to make the paint leak.

You can order paint online right now, it will be mixed perfectly and you'll save all the hassle of driving to get it and standing in line waiting to get it mixed.

Look at the following photos to prove to you your paint will come to you fast and in perfect shape.

buy paint online

Here's the box exactly as it arrived. It traveled over 500 miles to get to me. Photo credit: Tim Carter


You can see the interior of the box has a special nesting area to ensure the can is not damaged. Photo credit: Tim Carter


buy paint online

The paint can is place in a heavy plastic sealed bag just in case of a problem. Photo credit: Tim Carter


buy paint online

This is what was inside the box. I can't wait to open it and use it. The color dab on top of the lid is the EXACT color I wanted. Thank You Behr! Photo credit: Tim Carter


Are you a believer? You should be. In all fairness to the owner of Miller Brothers Paint, I feel he just didn't have the vision I had of where the Internet was going. He was busy running a successful paint business, and I was busy hanging out ten hours a day online watching trends develop.

Here's a screenshot from the Home Depot website where you can buy paint online right now. There are plenty of other sites that sell paint too. Happy painting and think of all the time you'll save buying paint online. Time to buy stock in UPS.

This is a standard view of a shopping cart. You can see if you order $45 or more, they'll ship it FREE to you. Image credit: HomeDepot.com


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